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My husband booked a 60 min deep tissue massage for me 2 weeks after having my baby and I had the most amazing experience. The staff was so welcoming and calming from the moment I arrived and greeted me with champagne, access to their steam room followed by a hot shower, another mimosa and the most comfortable bathrobe I have ever worn. My massage therapist was named Heaven, and that’s exactly what my massage felt like. She asked my preferences and if there were any areas she prefer I target and she delivered. I like medium pressure and the entire massage she was right on point. I didn’t have to tell her once to lighten up or apply more pressure. She was very attentive to my needs and body responses & I couldn’t have asked for her to do a single thing differently! I haven’t felt this relaxed in a year. If you are thinking about treating yourself THIS is the place to do it! I will absolutely be back!

Elena Potts

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Emily Strange

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Hilary Drummond

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Marie Abbe

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Brittany Paschal

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