Specialty services

  • Pure Fiji Sugar Glow

    Restore your skin to a healthy glow with Pure Fiji’s full body exfoliating treatment.  Relax as coconut milk is gently massaged into the skin followed by an application of pure sugar cane combined with Exotic tropical nut oils and fruit enzymes nourish skin with vitamins A, B, C & E to create the ultimate healthy glow.

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    • 50 Min. $125
  • M’lis Body Contour Wrap

    Cenoté Day Spa offers the M’lis Body Contour Wrap. This natural, invigorating cream helps to free and remove trapped toxins in the connective tissue. The soothing cream and wrap stimulates circulation to cellulite pro areas of the body eliminating internal disfiguring deposits. This stimulation typically causes between 4-14 in weight loss in those stubborn hard to lose places.

    The contour body wrap helps to free and remove trapped waste in the connective tissue, eliminating internal disfiguring deposits and stimulate inch loss. Wraps are often sold in a series of treatments to maximize inch loss and cleansing. The contour cream helps stimulate the lymphatic circulation while the plastic wrap acts as an acupressure to push the lymphatic fluid up into the thoracic valve, circulating the toxins back into the blood stream to get filtered out through the liver and the kidneys, promoting permanent inch loss (providing the client does not gain weight)

    This 60 minute treatment is not water loss, as clients do not sweat, and does not contain chemicals or dehydrating ingredients. Clients may wear their own swimwear or a sport bra and panties (short swim trunks for men).

    • Step one: Exfoliation through Buff Body Scrub

    • Step two: Measurements taken at several points on the body (this step is often skipped when the wrap is being used for detoxification and cleansing as part of a Lifestyle Change Program)

    • Step three: Application of Contour Cream by a trained technician

    • Step four: Wrap using a plastic film that helps to contour and tighten

    • Step five: Relax for 60 minutes on a comfortable treatment table.

    • Step six: Cut out of wrap

    • Step seven: Rub in any remaining cream

    • Step eight: Re-measure in same points

    • Step nine: Client is dressed and on their way. Clients should not shower for the rest of the day to allow the cream to continue


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    • $145
  • Teeth Whitening By Bleachbright

    Cenoté Day Spa Carries BleachBright whitening products. The FDA stated “whitening” restores teeth to their natural tooth color in comparison to “bleaching” which whitens teeth beyond their natural color. BleachBright uses revolutionary L.E.D. accelerated carbmide trays to whiten teeth and considers it the best and safest method for teeth whitening. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. Only takes 30 minutes!

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    • $149
  • FasciaBlasting


    Cellulite is a MYTH!

    Cellulite, a tale as old as time; those unsightly dimples and dents that we are all too familiar with. As a matter of fact, studies show that 90% of women have, had, or will have cellulite at some point in their life. Assumptions have been made as to why we have it, but still no one has found a concrete answer. Why hasn’t a cure for cellulite been found?

    While there is tons of research on the subject and countless diets, creams, and exercise regimens have been invented as a “solution”, women have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Frustrated, as I’m sure many of you are, you’ve had to accept your cellulite as just an embarrassing part of yourself, and while some have embraced it as a part of life, others have chosen to hide it away!

    Nothing has worked because – until now – nothing has addressed the real issue.

    The truth is that “cellulite” is simply a symptom of unhealthy fascia! I mentioned “fascia” and you’re all like…say whaaaaa? Don’t worry, I’m here to explain it to you! Fascia, simply put, is the body’s web-like connective tissue that runs all over, throughout, inside and in-between; it encases, penetrates, and runs alongside, over and under every structure. Fascia plays an essential part in the body’s anatomy and interplays with literally every system.



    So now you know what fascia is, but how and why does it cause cellulite? Firstly, when your fascia is healthy, it is smooth, malleable, and able to assist every system of the body to work together seamlessly. On the other hand, fascia can become unhealthy due to various factors such as dehydration, overuse, injuries, and a buildup of toxins. This can cause the fascia to tighten and adhere to itself, as well as other structures of the body including skin and muscle (read my blog I wrote all about fascia). When the fascia is tight, it causes pain, restriction, and yes, you guessed it, cellulite.


    When the fascia adheres to the skin, it pulls the skin down, and when the fat pushes up against the uneven, grid-like fascia, it can cause a dimpled look like the tufting on a sofa. This creates the look of “cellulite”. While fat does play a part, it is not the root of the problem! I am all about finding and fixing the CAUSE, rather than simply treating the “symptom”. If the fascia were in its regular healthy, pliable state, the same fat would lay flat. Imagine a sausage: sausage is ground up meat put into a plastic casing. The meat itself has no shape, but when you put it in this casing, it takes its form. Same with our fat cells! If the casing (fascia) is smooth, your skin will appear smooth.

    Credit: Ashley Black Guru

    These are some results from a 90 day clinical study.

    fasciablaster-results-clinical-study-fascia-9 fasciablaster-results-clinical-study-fascia-4fasciablaster-results-clinical-study-fascia-7


    We offer professional FasciaBlasting sessions here at Cenoté Day Spa.  Call today for your free phone consolation.

    • 60 Min. $115
    • 90 Min. $155
  • Permanent Makeup (Microblading)


    Microblading, also known as micro-needling or eyebrow embroidery, is a semi-permanent tattoo that creates hair-like strokes with the use of a manual pen containing very small needles. These needles implant pigment into the basal layer (bottom layer) of the epidermis. A mandatory 4-8 week touch up is required to ensure the skin has retained the pigment and/or to insert additional strokes for a fuller look. We recommend that clients schedule a touch-up visit once a year to maintain.

    Microblading With Shading


    Talk With Microblading Professional Today


    Have questions about Microblading and other semi-permanent eyebrow makeup? Our licensed technician Lindsey who has been doing this for almost 10 years offers free phone consultations to better understand your options and what might be the best permanent makeup solutions for you.

    Let’s talk about your permanent makeup, text (614) 915-6018.

  • Eyelash Extensions

    Eyelash Extension Full Set – Volume

    3d- 14d. $30 after kit included.

    $265 – 2 Hour

    $95 – Touch up within 4 weeks – 1 hour

    EyeLash Extension Full Set – Classic

    $30 after kit included.

    $200 – 2 Hour

    $75 – Touch up within 4 weeks – 1 hour

  • ProCell Microchanneling

    ProCell Microchanneling

    Microchanneling is a noninvasive procedure designed to stimulate your body’s own natural ability to generate collagen, elastin, and other building blocks of healthy skin. By stimulating the outermost layers of the skin, microchanneling can help your body start this process without penetrating into living tissue. Face and Body treatemnts are done 4 weeks apart. Hair treatments are done every 10-14 days. Four treatments are recommended. Free Consultations available please TEXT Lindsey at 614.915.6018

    Face – $400

    Neck – $200

    Chest – $200

    Hands – $200

    Arms- $300

    Knees – $250

    Hair Treatments – $400